• WIPROC is a heavy-duty industrial laminate manufactured by WIP. It has got excellent resistance to moisture, climatic changes, wear and tear etc. Its density is only half that of Aluminium and one-fifth that of Steel.


  • WIPROC is generally manufactured from 6 mm up to 100 mm thickness in all the grades. Standard sizes are 4’x3’ and 3’x3’. It is also manufactured in sizes up to 8’x4’ in thickness up to 38mm.
  • WIPROC is a Wood Based Plastic Laminate, which finds extensive application in the tooling industry where thin gauge Aluminium, Aluminium Alloys and Steel are used
  • WIPROC is recommended for pressforming tools for Aluminium Alloy and thin Steel sheets and also for drilling jigs and Router Templates. It is extensively used in the aircraft industry.