• WIPCHEK is a premium quality compressed Floorboard. It is developed for applications requiring high strength and abrasion resistance characteristics. It is manufactured by impregnation of wood veneers with synthetic resin forming chemicals.


  • WIPCHEK has hardness and scratch resistance built-in i.e., even when the tread marks wear out, the laminate still retains its strength and resistance to abrasion. This makes it ideal for meeting the rigorous requirements of buses, railway coaches, ship decks etc.
  • WIPCHEK is a stabilised wood based laminate with excellent resistance to moisture and corrosion. It is non-skidding and does not require any maintenance.
  • WIPCHEK is resistant to attack from light acid and alkalis and can be used in chemical factories where metal flooring life is rather limited. It has excellent thermal electrical & insulation characteristics as well as acoustical characteristics.